Professor dr. Arnold B. Bakker; Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Past President of EAWOP.


C4ob is the centre of expertise in the area of organisational behaviour. We provide a reliable representation of the mental health of employees. It is our assignment to provide employers with all of the relevant data in this area. Data that employers can use to improve their organisation. Regardless of whether an organisations want to make herselff absenteeism-proof or to improve the vitality the company.

The JD-R Monitor is c4ob's most important measurement instrument. The monitor helps Organisations and their employees to gain more insight into the factors related to performance and wellness. In that way, the instrument contributes to improving the quality of the human capital. In that way, c4ob ensures that employees and organisations are able to excel.

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We help people in organisations to function at their highest level. With scientifically validated measurement instruments, we conduct high-quality, independent, quantitative research. In doing so, we study all possible aspects of how your personnel feel about their work. That includes health, working conditions, vitality, motivation, and performance.
Thanks to our partnerships with two leading universities, we are able to continuously upgrade our expertise. Our clients and partners benefit from our extensive expertise. We also collaborate with other professional parties. That ensures that we are able to give organisations the appropriate support to be able to positively influence how personnel experience their work. After all, with well motivated and healthy personnel, companies can deliver better results.

Business-management studies have shown that human capital is the basis for creating value. In the past, most attention was given to material assets; in today's marketplace, immaterial assets are what represent the greatest value in organisations. Companies set themselves apart on the basis of flexibility, innovation, and time-to-market. Those are all aspects that rely on the organisation's internal resources and capabilities.
By acknowledging the importance of human capital and acting accordingly, organisations perform better than others in their sector. The wellness of employees and good working conditions ensure lower absenteeism and better performance, and, therefore, continuity.

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