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Working on Job crafting? Call for paper proposals!

Research on job crafting, playful work design and other proactive approaches to job design is flourishing. However, it is important to increase our understanding of how, why, when, and for whom proactive approaches of job design are effective, and to build stronger theories.

If you have new ideas, theories and/or studies on bottom-up job redesign, please answer this call of the Journal of Business & Psychology (Steven Rogelberg Eden King).

We look forward to your submissions!

Deadlines 31 December 2023 and 15 July 2024

JBP Bakker & Slemp Special Issue
Download PDF • 1.22MB

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Exciting opportunity! Are you passionate about job crafting and its impact on government roles? Consider submitting a paper proposal for a chance to contribute to this evolving field. Share your insights and be part of shaping the future of public service. Don't miss out – submit your proposal today!


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